How do I pay for college?

You know how important your child’s education is today in this fast-changing world. It seems technologies are changing every minute and keeping up is essential in this “flat” world.

Education costs are sky-rocketing because of the global economy and state budgets. However, your child can still get a quality education at many fine institutions, including Antelope Valley College, and we can show you how.

Click on the Antelope Valley College URL’s below to find out how you can get financial aid for your child. There are programs for every financial situation. Basic information is provided as well as eligibility requirements for federal aid. There are worksheets that will help you estimate amounts of student aid and savings you may be eligible for. There is a handbook with information on Federal Grants, Cal Grants, fee waivers, scholarship workshops, resources, and important dates and phone numbers.

Also provided are links to find out how your child can register at Antelope Valley College and what the current student expenses and fees are.

Useful Resources:
College Answer
I Can Afford College
Educational Games

Find information on financial aid
Find information on registering
Find information on AVC expenses and fees


How do I encourage my child?

Encouraging your child can be the most difficult obligation a parent has. The following video information can help you in your endeavor. Below are a few links to help you.

Encouraging Study Habits
How to encourage your child if they’re failing at school?
How to help with fewer resources
How to support your child’s High School education


How do I prepare my child for college?

There are so many questions about preparing for college:

“How can we set up long-range plans for our child?”
“How does my child prepare from pre high school through high school?”
“What questions do we ask guidance counselors?”
“How does my child choose a college?”
“How can I help my child think about a career?”
“What jobs are out there for a college graduate?”

Here’s a comprehensive site that will help you make informed decisions in your search for answers. There are forms to aid in choosing a college or university, recommended courses to take to prepare, charts to calculate savings for college, important terms to understand, tax information, and more.

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